100 days of summer bucket list

June is here and we are ready to welcome good times with a 100 days of summer bucket list. We have a whole season of fun play ideas here – all tried and tested by real kids! There’s a range of activities to suit all different ages, stages and tastes. You could browse the list and try some of your favourites, or go all out and do one a day between now and the end of summer! {Click through on each link for a full how-to tutorial on each idea.}

100 days of summer bucket list : packed full of ideas for things to do with the kids to keep playing and learning all summer long.

100 days of summer bucket list

Things to make. Things to bake. Ideas to keep the kids busy. Ideas to keep them cool. Ways to have fun. Ways to add in some summer learning. Art, science, play…. we’ve got them all! 

butterfly craft

10 :: things to make

garden art tiles

painted flower pot sculptures

your own customised t-shirt

glitter butterflies

a paper flower bouquet

a sailing boat

treasure boxes

a ragdoll from your own drawing

beautiful paper lanterns

junk model robots

summer bucket list firework-crafts

20 :: kids recipes

gingerbread men

firework cookies

edible sparklers

easy summer jam recipe

mini meringues

homemade ice cream corenettos

homemade ice lollies

barbecue bananas

rocky road for camping and picnics

garden chop chop salad

summer bucket list

30 :: art ideas

take the cut :: stick :: draw challenge

try painting on texture

make leaf mandalas

try water colour painting

flower printing

hole punch art

firework art and crafts for the 4th July

contact paper art

a painting station with no paint brushes allowed

oil pastel bunting

Fairy garden in sand pit :: make a magical small world!

40 :: sensory play suggestions

sand pit fairy garden

bedtime sensory tub

bubble painting

homemade paint with spices

dragon small world

zingy lemon sensory tub

space play with water beads

touchy feely love hearts

playing with potatoes

jelly/jello play

pancakes fun maths for kids

50 :: math games

lego math games

make a house shape art

stamping patterns

monster math games

henna math games

muffin tin math

flower math games

delicious pancake math

water play experiments

blast off space game

ice face

60 :: hands-on science experiments

science in the kitchen

what does it weigh? experiments

make your own rainbow

water bead science

ice experiments

growing seeds experiment

toasting marshmallows experiment

snail races?

mini beast hunting

how tall does a sunflower grow?

summer bucket list

70 :: reading and writing ideas

write a sticker tale

speech bubble fun

make some word birds

bake the alphabet

create your own comic

make a garden journal

read a map

make an incy wincy book

make a zigzag book

practice spellings the multi-sensory fun way

bucket list

80 :: outdoor fun

grow something from a seed

go on a garden treasure hunt

plant up some crazy eco flower pots

make a green man tree gargoyle

host a sensory scavenger hunt

build a den

make a fairy garden

grow a wildcard

grow an indoor meadow

make a dinosaur garden

pirate activities

90 :: play ideas

be pirates

be builders

go indoor camping

set up a post office

throw a mad hatters tea party

make play posh!

dress up

make your own horse riding stables

make your own farm

put on a puppet show

flower play dough

100 :: play dough magic

make some home made play dough

pick from an A-Z of homemade play dough recipes

lavender play dough

garden flower play dough

play dough pizza parlour

ice cream play dough

chocolate play dough cupcakes

outer space play dough

host a play dough bake off

ocean play dough (with printables)

toothpick building

kids activities play ideas

Don’t let the fun stop at the end of summer!

Pop your e-mail address in the box on this page and I’ll send your our {free} Play Planner, which brings you fun play ideas for every day of the year. 


  1. says

    thank you so much for this abundance of creative ideas and activities!
    I can hardly wait to find a school that I can use them in with the children!

  2. Ellie says

    What a fantastic list! I particularly love the outdoor activities, especially the scavenger hunt, with chalked circles. We did something similar at my birthday party once when I was a child, where we all had to find things to match colours we were given, and then arranged them all in rainbow order across the garden.(I would have rather played pass the parcel, mind you….so maybe not a good party-game!)

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