50 fabulous, fun ideas for World Book Day

World Book Day is taking place on Thursday 5th March 2015. These fabulous, fun ideas have play ideas, crafts and activities to celebrate the day and help encourage children to love reading every day of the year.

world book day


50 fabulous World Book Day activities

The best way to encourage children to do something is to make it fun! These ideas are full of suggestions you can use a home, school or any place you read. You can find out about the official World Book Day and pick some of these ideas to turn your day, week or year into a fabulous reading extravaganza!

Give reading a special place in your kids’ lives

Of course you can read anywhere, but creating a special place to read shows just how wonderful books are. It’s very simple to set up a book nook – all you really need is a place to sit and some books – but adding in some extra special touches can make a little reading den that children love to visit. You can make a book nook…

behind a sofa

in a bookcase

in a cupboard

on a boat

made from pallets

on a landing

and even in a tree!

and add in this 23 reasons to read printable poster to decorate your space!

Re-tell well known stories through play

with Fairy Tale fridge magnets

with Story Stones

with storytelling cards

with a story telling bag

with a story pathway

with The Very Hungry Caterpillar activities

Play the Guess Who game and see if you can work out who the book character is

Host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

or a  Gruffalo party

Role play The Three Bears

Bake a Gingerbread Man

Play with a Billy Goats Gruff sensory tub

Go on a Bear Hunt

Play Are You My Mother?

Act out Lost and Found

Play in an Out of the Ocean sensory tub

Make Brown Bear, Brown Bear shadow puppets

Have afternoon tea with Charlie and Lola

Act out the Little Blue Truck

Grown your own beanstalk

Become your favourite book character

Be Captain Hook with these 35+ pirate activities

Be Pippi Longstocking and make a Museum of Turnupstuffing

Be Strega Nona

Be The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Be the Big Bad Wolf 

Be an elf for the shoemaker

Be Ottoline

Be The Cat in the Hat

Bring some of your favourite books to life with art and crafts

with The Very Hungry Caterpillar crafts

with Peg Doll puppets

with The Tiger Who Came to Tea finger puppet

Make your own bookmarks

Make a Wild Thing mask

Encourage children to write books of their own

Make a Zig Zag book

Draw your own graphic novel

Combine art and storytelling and make an Incy Wincy book

Take the first line of your favourite tale and write your own ending

Write a story on the wings of a bird

Put yourself in a story with speech bubbles

Fill in the blanks of an easel story

Write some sticker stories

How will you celebrate World Book Day?

That’s 49 ideas for World Book Day – what’s yours? Please use the comment box and share an idea, or a link to your blog, and add a World Book day idea to our list.

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    I actually really like the idea of making a World Book! Not necessarily exactly what you suggested, but maybe a culmination of things you suggested. Kind of like a keepsake of all the history lessons with craft/story pages. Hmmm… My wheels in my brain are turning.

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