the A-Z of how to write

a-z how to write

I’m joining in the global A-Z blog party today with an alphabet dedicated to learning how to write. Here are twenty-six fun, creative, tried-and-tested ideas that you can use with your children to help them enjoy their first steps in learning how to write. There are ideas here for sensory alphabets, making spellings fun, encouraging creative storytelling and bringing writing into your everyday imaginary play.

A-Z of learning how to write

a-z how to write

Click on each link to find a great idea you can use with your children.

A is for art: swirling paint is a great place to start learning how to write

B is for baking: make an alphabet you can eat

C is for comics: great for kids who love pictures

D is for dough: play dough is perfect for making marks and starting out writing your alphabet

E is for easel: try these ideas for fun writing prompts

a-z how to write

F is for fine motor skills: strong, nimble fingers are so important for holding pens and pencils – try some finger knitting

G is for groceries: getting your kids to write the shopping list is a great way to show them writing has a practical purpose

H is for helpful: have the kids help out when you need some writing done – signing Christmas thank you cards

I is for irresistible: never underestimate the power of fancy pens and pencils in your creation station

J is for journals: make writing part of your daily routine

K is for knitting: use wool as part of a sensory alphabet

abc writing

L is for letters: learn the alphabet with a zingy sensory tub

M is for maps: use a pirate treasure to spark some storytelling

N is for name: try these ideas for learning how to recognise and write your own name

O is for outside: five ideas to take writing outdoors

P is for post office: a great way to combine imagination, role play and writing

a-z how to write 2

Q is for questions: use a wonder wall to promote thinking and writing

R is for role play: use this printable to add writing in a play dough pizza parlour

S is for Star Wars: use the force!

T is for Twitter: try some online literacy resources

U is for utterances: speech bubbles are a fun way to try out some writing

a-z how to write

V is for very, very small: try some incy wincy books

W is for word birds: a beautiful creative idea that mixes art and storytelling

X is for eXtra sensory: these sensory ideas make learning how to spell fun and great for all different learning styles

Y is for you: try some dictation – helping your kids get their ideas down on paper can encourage reluctant writers to get started and help ideas flow. Using imagination, structuring sentences and choosing great vocabulary are great skills to practise even when you’re not doing the scribing yourself

Z is for zigzag books: a simple way for young authors to write a book of their own

I Can Teach My Child To Read resources

Download your copy of our practical and wonderful resource I Can Teach My Child To Read. It contains a 10-step program, that will give you the knowledge and confidence to teach your child to read, along with practical tips and fun activities to use together. See more here.

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  1. says

    Just what I needed! My son just got really into writing this month…we spent an hour at the dining room table yesterday with me helping him sound out how to spell Star Wars characters’ names. :-) Now that he’s motivated, I want to start showing him how to do it properly.

  2. Carolyn Wilhelm says

    This is so helpful. As a first grade teacher, I noticed many children had the advantage in class if they had practiced writing at home. So many parents read and count with children, but few incorporate writing practice. It is so beneficial if children have this practice, and you make it easy!

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