Twig weaving autumn craft

We make these twig weaving stars as part of our autumn craftings each year.  I love the texture of the yarn and they seem to have a very calming effect on the children as they weave!  Here’s how to make them:

Twig weaving :: lovely autumn craft for kidsTwig weaving :: autumn craft

We make these twig weaving stars as decorations to hang on the wall – but I think smaller ones would be lovely as decorations to hang on the Christmas tree. And white ones could make lovely snowflakes. To make them, all you need is straight, dry twigs and some yarn. Autumn colours would be lovely, but this year my daughter picked purples – her current favourite colour.

twig weaving

Take three twigs and form a star shape. Use a little of your yarn to bind them together in the centre. This is the trickiest bit  – my younger daughter still needs a little help with this bit – as the sticks might move around a little. Once this stage is done and the twigs are secure in their star arrangement, the weaving is much easier.

twig starsTo weave the yarn around the star, simply loop it around each twig in turn. Go over the twig, wrap it round, back up over the top and along to the next twig. You can switch to another colour whenever you want, to create bands on your weaving: just cut the yarn you’re using and knot on another colour. Carry on with the weaving and you can hide the knot on the reverse side of your twig star.

twig weaving autumn craftsHere’s what the weaving looks like on the other side. You can decide for yourself which side you prefer to have facing out. You can trim the loose ends of yarn if you would like to hang them on a tree or elsewhere, where they can rotate and display both sides. You might like to also thread on some beads as you weave, for extra decoration.

twig starts autumn craftThe weaving always seems to have a magical effect on my children. Total silence and concentration!

autumn craft twig weaving

And here are our finished twig weaving stars for this year. Tie on a extra piece of yarn to one of the spokes and you can hang them up.

twig weaving autumn craft for kids

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  1. Donnie says

    Love this idea. Will try it with small craft sticks in order to complete with multiple groups.

  2. Meredith @ Homegrown Friends says

    Cathy, your photographs bring back such wonderful memories of my childhood. I had completely forgotten about these! Sharing today on my FB page. Can’t wait to introduce them to my children!

  3. angela sackett says

    THANK YOU for the reminder of a childhood craft – we’re putting this on our craft list for this week!

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