Resolutions and fireworks :: New Years Eve for kids


New Year’s Eve will soon be here. Are you celebrating with your children? Here are my three favourite ideas that we use to bring children into the party. Even if they can’t make it though ’til midnight they can still make special resolutions and enjoy some fun – and edible! – child-friendly fireworks.

Resolutions, fireworks and new year calendars


These firework cookies are lots of fun to make – and eat! You could also try some edible sparklers.

new-year-wish-treeCapture your children’s hopes and dreams for 2013 with this new year fairy Make a Wish Tree.


Or start the new year with some art and make a four seasons calendar.

Share how you celebrate New Year

How do you bring your children into the New Years celebrations? Share an idea with us! Link up an idea or tell us in the commments.


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    Hi Cathy!
    These are great ideas! I especially adore the wish tree as it teaches the little ones that there is a significance in the year ending and the new one starting.

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    I love the idea of the wish tree. What a great idea. I think this year I’ll do a countdown with the kids at midday and have party poppers and a little bit of a party. This is the first year my daughter is even old enough to possibly understand. haha. Lots of calendar work first :)

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