An A – Z of play dough flavours: play dough recipe alphabet

So many different play dough recipes!

Here’s a whole alphabet of play dough recipes to enjoy. Everything from A to Z {with a little artistic licence}. There’s a super basic recipe, a gluten free recipe, chocolate, peppermint and a whole lot more. Bookmark, pin and keep this post and you’ll have all the recipes you need to keep your play dough play fresh, fun and full of fabulous flavour!

Got a recipe to share that isn’t on the list already? Please leave a link in the comments.

A is for apple pie play dough :: aromatherapy play dough

B is for basic play dough :: beetroot and blueberry play dough :: black play dough

C is for chocolate play dough :: cloud dough :: coffee play dough :: candy cane play dough

D is for dirt play dough

E is for edible play dough

F is for fall leaf play dough

G is for gingerbread play dough :: glitter play dough ::  gluten free play dough

H is for hot cross bun play dough :: herb play dough

I is for ice cream play dough

J is for jello play dough

K is for kool aid play dough

L is for lavender play dough :: lemon poppyseed play dough

M is for mint ice cream play dough

N is for nutella play dough :: no cook play dough

O is for oat play dough :: ocean play dough :: outer space play dough

P is for peanut butter :: pizza play dough :: pumpkin pie play dough

Q is for queen’s gold play dough

R is for rosemary play dough :: raspberry play dough

S is for strawberry play dough :: salt dough recipe :: St. Patrick’s day play dough

T is for tangerine play dough :: turmeric play dough

U is for ultra violet play dough

V is for Valentine play dough :: vanilla play dough

W is for white snow play dough

X is for (e)xtra quick four minute play dough

Y is for yellow play dough

Z is for zingy peppermint play dough 


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  1. Cathy sintetos says

    Be careful with Nutella and peanut butter play dough if you have students with nut allergies.

  2. Charlene says

    This is an amazing resource for me to try out this summer! Looking forward to trying some or all of these with my girls! Thanks a million!

  3. Alyce says

    I’m always in need of “Brown Colored” play dough as me & my Grandson are always making roads, bricks & logs for playtime. It’s really hard to find brown play dough in the stores! Any suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Alyce. I would use the chocolate play dough recipe above. Or use the ‘basic play dough’ recipe above and add a squirt of brown paint into the mixture. It sounds like you and your grandson have a fun time together! Cathy

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