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This is the final instalment of our Simple Play :: complex learning series, where we are focussing on junk modelling. I’ve got a free Glorious Junk! e-book for you all, so please read on and download your copy.

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Junk model ideas for kids

Junk modelling is a fabulous activity for children to try. Here’s why:

it’s fun! Using your imagination you can turn your junk into anything your like, giving you DIY toys for lots of play. {Go here to see how I organise my junk and craft supplies]

it’s creative! Through junk modelling children get to try new materials, in different ways, and make something from nothing – creative play at it’s best!

it’s free and environmentally friendly! We’re using stuff we’d otherwise throw away, and re-using and up-cycling to turn it into art, toys, costumes…. You only need a few inexpensive extras to give your a great craft kit which will allow you get the most from your modelling.

it’s brain boosting! When you’re junk modelling, you’re running your own project. You have to select the right materials for the job. You need to think in three dimensions, count, consider angles, work with different shapes – super maths skills put into hands-on action. Sometimes you have to problem-solve, and you might be working as a team. All really great skills for children to be developing.

cardboard box crafts for kids | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

The art and craft material we use most often in our house is junk. Sticky tape, glue and paint are added in, but many of our projects make use of re-cycled materials. So, many of the ideas on NurtureStore celebrate junk modelling. Go here to see how to model with cardboard boxes.

15 fantastic small worlds to make with your child for imaginary play | NurtureStore: inspiration for kids Go here to see how we use junk to make small worlds for imaginary play.

making puppets with children

 And go here to see how we use them to make puppets.

Download your free copy of Glorious Junk!

Thank you all so much for joining in with our Simple Play series. I have loved seeing all your photos of your children taking part. We’ve had so many people playing along, from countries all over the world, and a real mix of families, classes and schools. Hurray! It has been especially wonderful to hear from some of you that our Simple Play series has encouraged you to try new things with your children, perhaps to try things you weren’t too keen on (hello messy play!) but which you discovered  your children loved.

Feel free to share the book with others!

As a little thank you from me for all your enthusiasm, I thought I’d share with you again my free e-book Glorious Junk! It’s full if ideas for fun and creative junk modelling you can try with your children. You can print off a copy, and please feel free to share it with anyone and everyone! In the past people have handed it out to parents in their schools, churches and parenting groups, so if you know someone who might enjoy the ideas, please do pass on a copy to them.

A extra discount code

Take a look at the final page of the book and you’ll find a special discount code too, but make sure you use it quickly, as it’s time limited. Click the image below or here to head over to my shop where you can download your free copy of Glorious Junk!

glorious junk modelling kids crafts loo roll

 See all the Simple Play resources

You can, of course, enjoy Simple Play any day of the year. All the resources for the series are here, so dive back in whenever you need a play-boost, or a few new ideas to try. There’s a whole month of topics, and each one has lots of different ideas in it, so you can use them time and time again and still have fresh ideas to enjoy.

And how do you fancy another community #simpleplay month sometime soon? If you’re interested, let me know in the comments and I’ll see what we can do!

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  2. chloe says

    im looking for activities i could do with children please give me an email if you have any idears,many regards chloe meldrum x

    • says

      Hi chloe. This whole site is full of great activities for children. You can use the menu at the top to search by topic or by the age of your children.

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