Take art outdoors with chalk frames

Take art outdoors into your Garden Classroom with this idea for chalk frames – along with chalk nature mandalas, and summer scented paint.

Take kids art outdoors with chalk frames

Take art outdoors with chalk frames

Chalk is a super material to take outdoors with you. We keep a some in a bucket with a lid by the back door so we can grab it as we head outside to play.

ways to use chalk outdoors

We’ve used it in the past for chalk treasure hunts and to make chalkboard puppets, but today I set up an invitation to do some drawing. All it takes is a big, big ‘art gallery’ style frame drawn in chalk on the ground…

chalk frames outdoor art

a written invitation to join in (as it’s always good to add reading and writing as part of your play), and a pot of chalk…

chalk writing outdoors

and it proved irresistible. It was fun to sit inside the frame and be part of the picture!

outdoor art with chalk

The children can draw lots of variations, especially on a sunny day, when they can wash away their art with water from a watering can, and have their ‘canvas’ dry out quickly in the sunshine, ready for another picture.

kids outdoor art ideas

Nature mandalas

If your children enjoy making chalk art outdoors, they might like to try this idea for nature mandalas.

Great ideas for making nature mandalas for kids. A beautiful outdoor art project

DIY summer scented paint

And for a different take on outdoor art, try this really easy recipe for DIY scented paint, using summer fragrances.

Outdoor art ideas :: Homemade scented paint

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