Symmetry art: Valentine love hearts

Symmetry art is a classic childhood painting activity and it works so well as a Valentine craft. Here’s one of our favourite Valentine ideas, mixing maths and art.Symmetry art Valentine craft for kids - great art and maths lesson! | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

Symmetry art: love hearts

To start you’ll need lots and lots of love hearts. We used white card to make ours. Folding the  card in half makes it easier to cut out your shapes, as you’ll want both halves of the heart to be the same size so the symmetry magic works. The children can of course have a go – the hearts can be any size they like.

valentine symmetry art 6

Then your hearts are ready to paint.

valentine-craft 1

We decided to go with traditional valentine colours of red and pink.

Time to start adding the colour – and you need to paint on just one half of the heart. (Folding the heart and hiding one side makes it easier to resist the temptation to paint all over at this stage!) You could use paintbrushes, stamps or fingerprints.

valentine hearts symmetry

Once you’ve painted one side, fold your heart together and gently press to spread the paint inside.

symmetry art 2

Carefully peel open your heart and ta -da! A magical symmetrical painting appears.

symmetry art 1

The hearts are wonderful as a project all by themselves but also look great glued onto cards, strung as garlands or fasten a pin on the back and you can wear your heart on your sleeve.

valentine craft symmetry art

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