Toddler Halloween craft: Incy Wincy Spider

Here’s a simple Incy Wincy spider craft, great for Halloween or nursery rhyme fun.

spider craft 1

You will need: two circles of black card, one long and four short pieces of black wool, two white circle stickers, a black pen, craft glue


spider craft simple
Tie a knot in one end of your long piece of wool

spider craft
Thread the other end of the long piece of wool through the centre of one of your circles of card

spider craft puppet
Add two sticker eyes and draw on the pupils

spider craft glue

Lay the four small pieces of wool  across the other circle and stick in place with lots of glue

spider craft easy

Place the other circle of card over the top and your spider craft is done

This craft is easy enough for most toddlers to manage and makes a great Incy Wincy spider to play with or as a prop when you’re singing nursery rhymes. Or you could make lots of them and dangle them from the ceiling for Halloween.

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