Mothers’ Day Ideas from the store

It’s Mothers’ Day in the UK tomorrow. Here are four ideas from the NurtureStore archive that your children could make today – fun, simple, and filled with love.

How about this waterpainting card ?

Carrot printing is great for little hands.

These handmade chocolates taste fantastic but are very simple to make.

Or how about a keepsake bookmark personalised for Mum?


  1. says

    Our seeds were planted about a week ago and i already have some very impressive looking seedlings :):):) we also decided to sow indoors, I’m going to have to repot them very soon they are really growing! Will be posting pics on the blog later this week x

    • Cathy says

      How exciting! Will you join the McKLinky on the ‘planting sunflower seeds’ post when you blog them so we can all come and have a look?

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