Garden sensory play :: petal perfume

Do you remember making petal perfume when you were a child? It’s a lovely garden sensory play idea I’m keen to pass on to my daughter. Here’s how we made ours:A lovely garden sensory play idea - make some homemade petal perfume

Garden sensory play :: homemade petal perfume

Both my girls have their own special plant in our garden, one they’ve chosen, planted and look after. My 7-year-old is a natural romantic, so hers had to be a rose. She chose a yellow one called Pilgrim, which flowers in her birthday month of June. It has a beautiful, delicate scent which reminds me of sherbet – just right for make petal perfume.

garden sensory play

My daughter selected one of the full blooms and picked off all the petals, placing them in a glass jar. {he loves me, he loves me not…}

homemade petal perfume

I sent her off round the garden on a scent hunt to see what else she could find that smelt good and she decided to add some lavender to her perfume too.

garden sensory play rose perfume

We poured on some just-boiled water and left the petals to steep, like we were making fragrant fairy tea. We left if for a few hours and the water took on the scent. We strained off the water to keep as our perfume, and discarded the petals onto the compost heap.

petal perfume

My girl’s not especially fond of writing  but give it a practical purpose, especially one that she’s very interested in, and we can gently include some reading and writing practice in most things we do.

homemade petal perfume

For our perfume pot we used a sequined jar (you can see how we made this jam jar candle holder here). My daughter likes to drab some on her cheeks, or gently sprinkle a few drops on her pillow, to encourage fairy dreams!

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