Cinnamon autumn playdough: leaf prints

a great homemade play dough recipe and lovely play idea for fall
We’re celebrating the change in season by adding an autumnal twist to our easy no cook playdough recipe.

easy no cook playdough recipe autumn sensory play
We made three batches and for colour we added one tablespoon of food colouring to each, in red, yellow and orange.  To give an extra sensory element to the dough we added one dessert spoon of ground cinnamon to each batch . Hello autumn playdough!

The easy no cook playdough recipe makes a dough which is nice and soft and which lasts for ages if you wrap it up in clingfilm or in a plastic bag after each play time.
easy no cook playdough recipe
The leaves are already falling here so we gathered some on our way back from school yesterday and used them to make prints in the playdough – which was a great way to really investigate the patterns of veins on each leaf and all the different shapes we found.

Playdough is one of our tried and trusted ways for a chilled out afterschool wind-down, providing an activity which is fun but also relaxed – just right after your first day back at school.

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  1. says

    Love the idea of pressing leaves into the playdough. We always make apple playdough at this time of the year and then pumpkin playdough in October. I like this fresh twist on it:)

  2. says

    Sounds wonderful! I’m going to have to make a batch of this once the weather gets cooler and the leaves start falling.

  3. says

    What a great fall activity, I have been meaning to make up a batch of homemade play dough to bring to my Sunday school and my niece and nephew. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  4. Cheryl says

    I love reading your blog and have used so many of your ideas in my kindergarten class. I love the leaf idea and can’t wait to get to school to do this with my kids. Thank you for sharing!

  5. says

    Love, Love, Love this!!! Thanks for sharing, I’m so going to use this when our Leaf week comes up here in a couple of weeks. Thanks again!!

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