Easter bunny and spring lamb cards

Today, less is more. Little made these two Easter cards to give to her best friends at pre-school. They are a very simple design but I think they’re prefect Easter cards for a little one to make, almost by themselves. You can just draw the basic outline and then let them take charge and make a unique card. So easy, you could make them this weekend to send to grandparents in time for the Easter holiday.

Sweet and simple easter cards for toddlers

Easter bunny and spring lamb card

To make a Spring Lamb card you need: card, pencil, glue, white wool

easter crafts

Fold your card in half and draw the outline of a sheep’s body and head.

easter crafts

How many legs does a lamb have? Count them as your child draws them.

easter crafts

Cover the sheep’s body with glue.

easter crafts

Does your child know where wool comes from? Stick some on your sheep.

easter crafts

A lovely woolly lamb. And why not sing Baa, Baa, White Sheep while you’re at it!

To make a bunny rabbit card you need: card, pencils, glue and a ball of cotton wool.

easter crafts

I drew the outline and Little did the rest.I love the wibbly mouth!

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