Treasure hunt for kids :: with free printables

Join us for some active play today, as we head off on a treasure hunt, using these free, adaptable, printables.

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Animals of the night :: 7 days of creativity with the Night Zookeeper

We have been joined by the Night Zookeeper this week. He has put together a selection of ideas on how to create magical animals and share them with the world by uploading them to his wonderful online zoo.

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Fantastic creative fun for kids: download the Night Zookeeper!

Good evening and welcome to my zoo. This zoo is unlike any other in the world. Here you can awaken your imagination and play under the light of stars. There are thousands of magical animals in our zoo, from Time Travelling Elephants to Spying Giraffes.

What will you create?

Young zookeepers all over the world have been creating magical animals in lots of different ways. Test your creativity by completing a different mission each day.

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Design your dream home :: language, art and imagination

Here’s a really simple idea that’s full of possibilities for children to develop language, art and imagination: design your dream home!

A great project for language, art and imagination: design your dream home

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Jungle small world :: play dough fun

Some homemade play dough and a few loose parts, together with a child’s imagination, soon make a fabulous jungle small world. Here’s one way we use play dough for imaginary play and story telling.

Great idea for a jungle small world made with play doughJungle small world :: play dough fun Read more »

Sandcastle messy play :: homemade cloud dough recipe

Sandcastle messy play with a homemade cloud dough recipe is perfect for summer days when you can’t get to the real beach – or when you want a relaxing sensory playtime in the shade of your own home. Here’s the recipe:sandcastle messy play cloud dough recipe

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