Kids Art Explorers :: Making Puppets

Here’s a lovely eco art project that we’ve created as part of our Kids Art Explorers projects.

This month the Art Explorers are seeing what they can create using natural, outdoor materials. You can browse all the ideas already linked up below, and join in and make something with your own children, but first we’d like to introduce our puppets.

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Art Explorers: nature art for kids

Our Art Explorers project is back and we’re inviting you to join in with us and try something new with your children this month.

Art Explorers is all about investigating what art you can create with different materials. We love to see how things turn out, but the main focus is on enjoying the process of exploring new materials, combining things in different ways and simply seeing how your kids’ creativity and imagination flows.

In the past the Art Explorers have tried yarn art, going paper free and painting with anything apart from a paint brush. Are you up for this month’s challenge? Read more »

Newspaper art from yesterday’s news

newspaper art
As part of our Kids Art Explorers project this month we are trying out different places to create art. Instead of so often starting out with a small piece of white paper we’re trying out different surfaces. Last week we used a big, flat cardboard box to make an imaginary land. This time we’re using newspaper and turning yesterday’s news into today’s art.

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Cardboard box play: make an imaginary land

cardboard box play
Never mind the contents, empty cardboard boxes are such treasures. My daughters have been know to ‘reserve’ cardboard boxes as they arrive, especially if they are extra big or unusual shapes. This weekend there were no squabbles as the packaging for two fold-up camping tables provided them each with a big cardboard boxes they could create with.

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Kids Art Explorers: a new challenge

kids art ideas
{Kids Art Explorers:} This year we are undertaking lots of different art experiments. We’re exploring materials, techniques and styles and seeing where our creativity takes us. We’re celebrating the process of art: trying new things, having a go, being daring, making mistakes. We’re interested in how things turn out but much more focused on the fun we have along the way. Want to join us?

Kids Art Explorers Project Four: Paper Free Art

Last month’s No Paintbrushes Allowed project was a big hit with the kids here. We tried drinking straw art and set up an alternative paint station. And lots of you joined in, helping to build a collection of ideas to give a whole year’s worth of kids painting ideas that encourage exploration of different materials.

Are you ready for a new project?

Most of the time I see children being invited to paint or draw they’re offered a piece of white paper, usually A4 or A3 in size. In our house, at preschool, at creche, at school this is what’s usually on offer. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s wonderful that the children are given the opportunity to draw. But you know, the Kids Art Explorers like to mix things up a little! So this month’s project is this : Read more »