Baby play ideas

Our SUPERbaby play series focuses on simple, playful ideas you can use with the youngest of children to have fun and encourage them to develop important early learning skills. The emphasis is on ideas you can easily fit into a busy week, using materials you’ll have around your home.

What is SUPERbaby play?

Play and activites for babies

How to make a treasure basket for your baby

Have Shoeboxes? Go play!

Maths ideas for babies

Mirror play for babies

3650 times: how to change a nappy

Games for crawling

Aromatherapy Boxes

Audit your play space

Crafts to make for babies

Make a faces and heart mobile

Lift the Flap Love Book

Crafts babies can try

coming soon

More activities for babies and toddlers

Zero to Two: The Book of Play is full of fun activities for babies and toddlers. Download you copy here!

activities for babies and toddlers 500


  1. Shamima says

    Just found this site and particularly the SUPERbaby section. This is great as I have a 14 month old and age appropriate activities can be hard to find.
    Thank you for this wonderful site!!

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