This paint moves! Watercolour painting with kids

Here’s a favourite idea from our kids painting archive, introducing children to watercolour painting and trying out a while new – and rather exciting! – way of using it.

watercolour painting

Watercolour painting with kids

Watercolour painting can produce beautiful effects, and the technique we’re trying today uses a wet on wet technique for really exciting movement of the paint.

watercolour painting wet on wet

The basic wet on wet technique is just what it sounds – using wet waterpaints on a paper which is also wet.

We used a wide paint brush to sweep plenty of water over our paper and then added watercolour paint with a smaller brush. The children dabbed, made wide strokes and swirled the watercolour paints and watched the magic happen.

watercolour painting techniques ideas

‘Look, mummy – the paint moves!’

As the wet watercolour paint hits the already wet surface it spreads and swirls and creates interactive pictures the children can add to but can’t completely control. Paint magic!

watercolour painting techniques for children

Have you tried this watercolour painting technique with your children?

watercolour painting

More watercolour painting ideas to try

Have ever tried combining wax crayons with water paints to create crayon resist art?

Or what about making pictures with some bubble blowing fun?

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