Kids crafts :: make your own bag

What all the best-dressed kids are accessorising with this season: make your own bag!

A super cute {and easy to make} art bag. Great kids craft!

How to make your own bag

We really enjoyed making our tissue paper suncatchers, so we decided to adapt the technique to make a bag. It’s really easy to make and lets the children create their very own designer bag.

We started off, as before, by laying out tissue paper on to a laminator pouch to create a colourful design. Then we put it through our laminating machine.  We made two of these laminated art sheets.

make your own bag

Then, holding the two laminated pictures together, we hole-punched a series of holes around three sides of the pictures (so the holes were in the same place on each picture).

make your own bag

Using a large, blunt needle and some wool, L stitched around the three sides  to join her bag together. (Perfect to help develop fine motor skills.) We used the extra wool to make a handle.

make your own bag

Her very own original design bag – and just the right size to fit her library book.

make your own bag

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