Spring lambs :: a play dough recipe for imaginary play

Here’s a fun play dough recipe that’s great for some imaginary play – we’re making little spring lambs!

play dough recipe spring lamb

Spring lambs :: a play dough recipe for imaginary play

As always, I used our no-cook easy play dough recipe to make some dough in minutes. I made the white dough with half plain (all purpose) flour and half cornflour (cornstarch), as just using all plain flour gives more of a yellow/beige colour. The grey dough was made with all plain flour and some black food colouring. I added in some googly eyes and let the children do the rest.

play dough recipe spring lambThey used the play dough to make some mother sheep and sweet little lambs. Play dough is such a versatile play material, warm and soft to the touch and malleable – great for making models with. Using a homemade play dough makes if very economical to make a big batch, producing lots of dough so the children can have plenty to work with.

play dough recipe spring lambI set out some green card and a pot of pencils so the lambs could have a meadow to graze in.

play dough recipe spring lambI’m taking every opportunity I can to add in writing and drawing invitations for the children, and I’m finding that simply popping the pencils right where they’re playing (rather than on a nearby shelf) makes a big difference in how likely they are to use them. Today they drew in some fresh grass and tasty flowers for their sheep to munch.

imaginary play spring lamb

B fetched some green play dough from our stash too, so she could make some more grass.

play dough recipe

And we set up their toy farm alongside to extend the play possibilities. B almost always turns her play into families, so there was lots of chat about the mother sheep taking care of their little lambs.

play dough recipe spring lamb

More play dough recipe ideas for spring

If your children like play dough I think they will also love our play dough recipe for spring chicks.

Get the book!

play dough recipe

 Love play dough? Take a look at The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book :: recipes and ideas for a whole year of play! 


  1. says

    Oh my gosh. I just LOL’ed when I saw the lamb picture. They are hilarious! We’re totally doing this today. I wonder how long it will be until the playdough guys decide to fight each other and we end up with blobs of goo and googly eyes everywhere….

  2. rebecca says

    Wow brilliant idea, I’m pinching it to do with my girls at rainbows (girl guiding 5-7yr) brilliant quick activity that complements the season! the site is brilliant as I’ve ran out my ideas already its great inspiration! going to add glitter to the dough to see what it looks like and girls love sparkly things! Thanks x

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