Heirloom Easter eggs

easter egg crafts

As each new season arrives I look forward to the time when we take out the box of decorations to match the new celebrations. This weekend our Easter box came down and we took out our heirloom Easter eggs ready to decorate our Easter tree.

Easter represents new life and these decorations remind me each year of when my own little chicks were born, because they are made from some of the girls’ baby clothes. The colours and motifs on their babygrows and little dresses seemed such a good match to the theme of Easter that we used them to sew a set of decorations. Here’s how we made them.

How to make Heirloom Easter Eggs

heirloom Easter eggs
As with all of our sewing projects, we kept things nice and simple:

:: cut out two matching egg shapes from the fabrics

:: add decorations on top. We cut out some of the hearts, flowers and ladybirds from the baby clothes and used fabric glue to stick them on the front of the eggs
heirloom Easter eggs
:: then we stitched around the outside using a simple running stitch. We popped some cotton wool inside just before we completed stitching all the way round and made a loop at the top so we could hang the eggs.
heirloom Easter eggs
The heirloom Easter eggs are a mix and match of the girls baby clothes, with a few extra feathers added here and there.
heirloom Easter eggs
They’ll be hung on our Easter tree, which sits in the hallway to welcome everyone as they arrive. The tree itself is made from twisted branches gathered from the local park and placed in a large vase. Pussy willow and forsythia make beautiful Easter trees too. We use our branches all year round and change the decorations to match the season – you might have seen our Valentine gratitude tree and our New Year angel wish tree.

easter crafts

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  1. says

    What a lovely idea! My aunt and I are always looking for new ways to make keepsakes for my little guy. I can’t wait to start making these. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I love your Easter decorations. My son has just begun some sewing projects so his would be great. I also love the idea of changing the decorations on the tree branches. It is a beautiful idea that ties to the seasons.

  3. Tiffany says

    Love this idea! My twins just turned one and we have a LOT of outgrown clothes that just wouldn’t be practical to keep simply for memory’s sake. I grew up in a family that did Easter, Halloween and Christmas trees, so I think I’ll just start ornaments for all three occasions from my little ones’ baby clothes. :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. says

    These are gorgeous, not sure I’m quite ready to cut up baby clothes yet (just in case!) but when I am I’m def going to make some. Also love the idea of having a permanent tree and changing the decorations with the seasons.

  5. says

    What a lovely keepsake from their baby clothes! I must add this to my list of things to make. I am hoping to also make a memory quilt from some old onesies etc….now if I could just find the time!

    • says

      Mum of One, I would just love to be able to make a quilt but I’m not sure I’d have the skill, time or patience. Let me know how you get on with yours!

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