Firework paintings

My daughter had so much fun making these firework paintings! Perfect for Bonfire Night and Diwali, here are two ways to enjoy some hands-on, colourful firework art.

Gorgeous, hands-on kids painting: making fireworks in the sky!Firework paintings

It’s a firework time of year around now, with Diwali on 3rd November this year, and Bonfire Night here in the UK on 5th November – and fireworks paintings are super hands-on fun to make.

We used a big piece of black card for our first painting. It’s good sometimes to have a bigger space to paint, and really be able to stretch out and express yourself. Using card rather than paper when you know the children are going to be really hands-on, is a good idea, as it can withstand a lot more paint!

firework paintingWe covered the floor with some wipeable tablecloths, and laid out some plates of paint. {That cat nearly walked through the paint several times!}

firework paintingThen it was time for action! Handprint art is such a fun and active way for children to explore painting. My daughter absolutely loves it, and it works really well as a firework-inspired technique, as those colourful fingers look like explosions in the sky.

firework paintingBut why stop there? My daughter loved swirling and swooshing the paint all over the paper…

firework paintingand patting and banging her hands.

firework paintingOh, and did someone mention glitter? Both glitter glue and loose glitter sprinkles were applied liberally. I could see how much my daughter loved the abundance of colour and paint and sparkles.

firework paintingSome handprints remained around the edges of the painting…

firework paintingand the finished art work was a glorious explosion of colour and shimmer – her perfect version of fireworks in the sky.

firework painting bonfire nightWe also tried a different firework technique, this time on a smaller piece of paper. My daughter wanted to explore some more with the glitter glue and sprinkles, and we talked about the best way to prepare the paper, so the glitter would stick to it. She decided to spread glue all over the paper…

bonfire night craftand then she used the little tubes of glitter glue to draw out an exploding firework. We really like these glitter tubes,as they’re easy for the children to use themselves – easy to squeeze out the glue and still control where it goes.

bonfire night craft

firework artThen she set about adding the loose glitter sprinkles. Oh my!

firework craftHere’s the finished firework. How’s that for an explosion of colour and sparkle?

firework craft diwali bonfire night

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