Diwali rangoli patterns

rangoli patterns

The Hindu festival of Diwali is being celebrated next week (5th November 2010) and I always think observing celebrations from other counties and cultures is such a fun and accessible way for children to learn more about the world. A tradition you can try at home for Diwali is making rangoli patterns. This version is a great sensory activity too as the children can explore all the colours and textures of the grains** you use. Pop over to our Diwali archive to find out how to make the rangoli pattern.

**take care that any un-cooked pulses don’t get eaten, as they can be toxic

happily shared with Kids’ Get Crafty and No Time for Flash Cards


  1. says

    Oh Cathy, I LOVE this, so cool of your to look at different festivals and celebrate it with some crafts of your own. I am impressed! And will have to make sure that in future, I am more international too!!!!

    Thanks (as always) for lining up to Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy xxx

  2. says

    Cathy these are lovely! We used to make rangoli pictures at nursery using coloured sand but its not so easy to get on the high street.

  3. says

    Great idea to use cupboard staples. Toddler loves playing with oats and lentals, will def do this with her next week.
    @Adele – You can colour white rice using food dyes the night before leave to dry and the next day you can have lots of lovely colours to use. This is what we did for my wedding rangoli. :)

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Tammy – I’m sure it would work on a grander scale – it could be spectacular!

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