17 great ways to re-use a cardboard box

how to make a junk model robot

Were you lucky enough to receive any Christmas gifts in great big cardboard boxes? Try these fabulous ideas to make the most from your box.

Seventeen cardboard box crafts

Use your cardboard box and make….

a robot

a cardboard box road system

a play house

a castle story box

a ride on train

a firetruck

a guitar
how to make a marble run junk model
a marble run

a ride-in aeroplane

a double decker bus

a town house

jungle theme preschool scene
a jungle

a ride-in racing car

a kitchen
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a horse riding stables

an icecream shop

a puppet theatre


  1. says

    Ohh yes!! Some more brilliant ideas here. We love recycling boxes too. Loved the jungle and the horse show-ground! Perfect ideas for after Xmas!
    MJM x

  2. says

    Great idea! And very eco-friendly. My SiL made a cooker for my kids from a box and some buttons and I was so impressed! Hubs made the Death Star recently. I am in awe of the ‘out-of-the-box’ (scuse the pun) ideas crafty people come up with! Thanks

  3. says

    I love this – cardboard boxes are the best!
    I used to make little hutches for cuddly toy animals for pretend pets when I was little, making beds, obstacle courses etc. for them with more boxes.

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