Butterfly mobile

Here’s a easy to make, ever so pretty butterfly mobile craft.

butterfly mobile craft kids

How to make a butterfly mobile

We had some wooden clothes pegs left over from making our pegdolls and Little wanted to make a butterfly. Here’s how we made it….

We used a sheet of clear plastic to cut our a butterfly shape – but card or paper would work just as well.

butterfly craft for kids

L was in charge of customising the butterfly, with liberal amounts of glue and bits and bobs from our making box. We talked about symmertry and L had a good try at getting her butterfly to match.

butterfly craft symmetry

We put lots more glue down the centre of the butterly and inserted the wings into the peg. We also tied a length of string around the peg. Sitting the butterfly on the side of a glass helped press the wings in place while the glue dried.


We twisted a pipe-cleaner around to make the antennae, and drew on a face. Once all the glue is dry you can hang your butterfly up and watch as the breeze makes it flutter around.

butterfly mobile craft

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    Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my photo :)

    What a beautiful butterfly! I must buy some pegs the next time I get to “the big shops” as I have seen so many lovely ways to use them. I know these butterflies would make one little Princess happy as they flutter about her room :)

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