$130+ Learning Through Play Spring special offer just $9.99

Brought to you by Melitsa of Raising Playful Tots and Cathy of NurtureStore, along with some of our favourite bloggers and authors, the Spring Learning Through Play special offer is now open – but for April 8th to April 14th only.

This special offer had now finished. All the books and resources are still available from the original authors – click through on each book’s link to get your copy.

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We have put together a package worth over $130 – but available to you at a very special price – of e-books and resources, all based around Learning Through Play. This Spring Special Offer includes books, resources and an on-line course, and covers sensory play, outdoor play, art and crafts, positive parenting, learning to read and write, math and lots more. There’s so much in the bundle it will give you ideas to use with your children all spring and summer long. You’ll recognize the authors as the writers of some of your favorite blogs – check out the full details below to see who’s joining in.

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Brain boosting month: how much does it weigh?

Who says August has to be a brain-drain month? Join me for a summer of brain boosting fun!

All through August I’m asking the children a Brain Boosting question each day and inviting them to explore what the answer might be. Each question will be a prompt for the children to think, question, wonder, explore, discover and learn! Will you join us?

Join in with the Brain Boosting Questions

I’ll be posting a question a day here and on Nurturestore’s Facebook page, so hop on over and follow us. I’ll be blogging some of the discoveries my kids make and re-visiting some of our favourite ideas from Nurturestore’s archive. We might have a few guest questions from other kids bloggers too.

We’ll be covering lots of different topics, including art, science, writing and maths. Each question is designed to be open to the children to explore an idea their way and gives plenty of scope for them to try out ideas, discover new things and learn some new skills. Each activity will be really easy for you to set up at home, with no special equipment needed.

Will you join us? Watch out for the questions each day, give them a try, and come and tell us how you got on by joining the chat on our Facebook page.

Brain Boosting Question #1: how much does a pig weigh? [Read more…]

Keeping kids cool

how to keep kids cool

Summer’s here, bringing with it blues skies, sunshine and the top priority: keeping kids cool.

We want our children to be enjoying themselves all summer long but hot and cranky kids aren’t much fun – for them or us!

So here, with the help of our wonderful Facebook community, are our favourite ways for keeping kids cool whilst still having lots of summer fun. (Thanks to Jules, Nichola, Gayla, Tina, Michele and Debi for sharing their tips) [Read more…]