Make a wish tree with New Year fairies

A lovely New Year craft fir kids - make a fairy wish tree
Are you making new year’s resolutions with your children? We always do and I have lists of the girls’ plans going back a few years now. It’s lovely to look back and see what they were aiming for each time – learning to swim, riding a bike without stabilisers, learning to fly (still working on that one!). This year we have some New Year fairies who are helping us with our wishes – not just plans for ourselves but also wishes we’re making for friends and family and even wishes we’re sending out into the universe for those we don’t know. Here’s how we made our New Year fairies and how our wish tree works.

wish tree
Leaving behind the Christmas colours of red and green, we’re starting the new year with a bam! We chose lots of colourful card to make our fairies as bright as we could. We traced around a mug to get our circles and then drew on simple fairy outlines.
wish tree
Then we created our beautiful fairies. We used oil pastels, glitter, gemstones and pencil crayons, and found it much easier to adorn our fairies while the card was still flat. Anything goes and we tried to make our fairies as joyful as we could. Everyone can join in with this and it’s lovely to see how each fairy turns out differently.
wish tree
On the reverse side of each fairy is where you can write your new year wish. It could be something the children would like to do for themselves this year, a skill they’d like to learn, a place they’d like to go. It’s also nice to include some wishes you’re making on behalf of others too. (The girls said I’m not allowed to show you a photo of this bit because if you tell someone what you wish for it won’t come true.)
wish tree
Once decorated, we used scissors to cut around the fairy outline and folded the base around to create the fairy shape. A staple holds it all in place.

wish tree
Once your wishes are made and all your glue and glitter is dry, you can fasten a tread on the back of each fairy’s head and hang them on your Wish Tree. Ours is made from a collection of twisty branches that we place in a vase on our hall table.
wish tree


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  1. Jamie M says

    How long do you leave this up? Do you ever “re-open” them to see if the wishes came true? Sooo fun…

  2. says

    What a very fun idea, and a great activity for the kids to do during all of their free time around the holidays. Looks like a lot of glittery fun!!

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