Valentine card waterpainting

valentine painting activity

Valentine Card waterpainting

You’ll need:

a sheet of paper (we used cream),

a sheet of card (we used pink),

red and pink shades of wax crayon,

some watercolour paint (we mixed red and white),

some water,

a paint brush, scissors, and glue

Here’s what we did:

valentine craft 3

I used the wax crayons to draw some hearts on the cream paper.

valentine craft 5

My daughter chose her favourite shades and coloured in the hearts.

valentine craft 5

We mixed together some red and white watercolour paint to get a shade of pink we liked.

valentine craft 5

Pia suggested putting the paper on a baking tin (cookie sheet) to catch any excess water. Using a wide paint brush my daughter painted the watercolour over her picture. She thought it was great fun to be painting right over the hearts she’d done. The watercolour created a beautiful background, leaving the crayoned hearts intact.

valentine craft 7

Once the paper was dry we cut out the hearts and glued them onto the pink card. Beautiful!

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