Spring blossom tree craft

Here’s an idea for a spring blossom tree craft that uses natural materials for some sensory exploring and printing.

Spring blossom printing : a lovely spring craft for kids

Spring blossom tree craft

The children have been noticing lots of trees near our home that are covered in spring blossom – especially my younger daughter who is in love with all the pink petals, and collects handfuls to bring home in her pockets. So, inspired by their interest, we took a few natural materials and had a go at painting and printing our own spring blossom trees.

spring blossom printing

We used some twigs from the garden, a few blossom flowers and some pieces of okra. Did you know okra gives a great flower-like print when cut and dipped in paint? Perfect for this project – but finger prints would be a good alternative too.

okra flower printing craft

Then we experimented to see if we could make just the right shade of pink to match the trees in our neighbourhood. We discovered white and red make pink, and only a teeny, tiny bit of red is needed to make blossom pink.

spring art for kids

Everyone sat around together, and we were all aiming to paint a spring blossom tree, but there were no real rules about how to do it. Someone dipped the twigs in brown paint and used it to print the trunk and branches of the tree  – just how they had looked through the winter.

blossom tree craft

Someone else wanted to use a paint brush.

spring blossom craft

And someone else tried using a twig as a paint brush.

spring tree kids craft

Then we added our flowers, using the okra to print all over the branches, which made really clear flower shapes that the childen loved.

okra flowers spring craft

And we also tried printing with some blossom flowers, which gave a ‘frilly’ look to the trees.

blossom tree craft for kids


And we created our gallery of spring blossom tree art. All on a theme, but all different.

spring blossom tree craft

More creative ways to use nature to inspire learning

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    Thank you for sharing these lovely Spring crafts! I’m always looking for new things to try with my kids and will certainly be giving the blossom tree a go. Blossom trees are my favourite thing about springtime!

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