Spring art for kids :: watercolor flowers

For some pretty spring art for kids, using an interesting painting technique, try these beautiful watercolor flowers.

Beautiful spring art for kids: try this watercolor flowers techniqueSpring art for kids :: watercolor flowers

These spring flowers combine painting and drawing. To make them you’ll need some watercolor paints, watercolor paper, and some fine marker pens.

watercolor painting for kidsBegin by using the watercolors to paint some simple flower shapes. We used concentric circles, mainly using shades of yellow, green and some blue. Using proper watercolor paper really does make a difference – it takes the paint beautifully, and it gives some stability to your finished flowers.

watercolor flowers spring artExperiment with different flower designs.  Use neat circles or relaxed curves, overlap the circles or keep them separate, and try several flowers using different combinations of your colors. Each will be unique, with the natural flow and blending that comes with using watercolors adding to the individual effects.

watercolor flowersOnce your watercolor paint is dry (and do be patient and wait, or you may find this next step doesn’t work so well), you can add another layer of detail onto your flowers. Take a fine marker pen – we used black and dark brown – and draw patterns on top of your paint.

spring flowers art for kidsYou might like to draw circles, spirals, dots or dashes. Embellish all the flowers in this way, or leave some just with the watercolor.

spring art watercolor flowersThen cut out your flower heads and fix a green drinking straw on the back using sticky tape.

spring flower craft for kids

The finished flowers look so pretty in a vase, or lined up in a row along the wall or window. As an alternative, you could tape a paper clip on the back instead of the drinking straw, to give you a bookmark clip. Or glue a brooch pin on the back to make a spring corsage to pin on your jacket – so stylish!

spring art for kids watercolor flowers - beautiful technique to try!

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