Shell mandalas :: math and art

These shell mandalas are a great lesson in math and art. shell mandalas for kids :: math and art

Shell mandalas

What to do with a bucket of shells? One art idea we return to often is making mandalas, but we’d never made one from shells before. Time to give it a try! things to do with shells We started by sorting out our shells into groups, matching by shape, colour and sizes. This is a good opportunity to look at the fine details on the shells, and to talk about which creatures used to live in them. sorting shells Then all you need for a mandala is to make a start and let the patterns flow. A circle is a good shape to begin with… how to make a mandala and you can build it up from there, using any colours, patterns and shapes that suggest themselves to you.

Combing math and art

As you’re making your mandala your brain is working with lots of mathematic ideas. You are:

:: counting, and making repeating patterns

:: comparing sizes and finding sizes that match

:: mathing things that are bigger than or smaller than the shell you are placing

:: working with fractions as you place matching shells a quarter and half way around your circle

:: playing with a radius and circumference, even before you might know their names shell mandala art The finished shell mandala can be as big and detailed as you like. mandalas for kids using shells It might have a flower shape, or be made of circles, or any design you want. circle mandala artBut beware – mandala-making is catching! You might find yourself making mini mandalas on the kitchen table, using tiny stones you’ve hidden in your pocket. tiny mandala

More manadala designs to try

If you get hooked, you might like to try chalk mandalas made with flower petalsGreat ideas for making nature mandalas for kids. A beautiful outdoor art project mandalas painted on tin foil... easy painting ideas for preschool or play dough mandalas. 7366399072_568a13a3c3

Add some Fizz, Pop, Bang to your learning!

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