Art eggs: painted Easter eggs

These painted Easter eggs are a great kids’ art idea for spring. Each as unique as the artist who made them, they look even better in a colourful mix and match group. Here’s how to make them:

painted easter eggs

Painted Easter eggs

painted Easter eggs
We stared with a few bags of polystyrene eggs sourced from the pound store. We spiked each egg onto a wooden skewer to make them easier to handle once we started painting.
painted Easter eggs
And borrowed an idea from our painted flower pots, using a cardboard box to hold the eggs while they were drying.
painted Easter eggs
We mixed up some Easter-ish colours using acrylic paint…
painted Easter eggs
because if you use water based poster paint, this is the difference it makes!
painted Easter eggs
The wooden skewers made it easier to get the paint on the egg not our hands.
painted Easter eggs
The children decorated their eggs in lots of different ways. They added stickers and painted over the top – so they could peel them off when the paint had dried and reveal the secret shapes.
painted Easter eggs
They also found the sticks made it very easy to twirl the egg and make rings with the paint.
painted Easter eggs
They used the other end of the paint brush to make polka dots.
painted Easter eggs
And also went for the more is more approach!
painted Easter eggs
The cardboard box invention was a great way to hold the eggs until they were dry.
painted easter eggs

More Easter egg ideas

The painted Easter eggs look gorgeous still on their sticks in a colourful vase. I love how each one turned out differently.

We might also take them off the sticks, add a ribbon loop (held in place with a pin) and hang some on our Easter tree with our heirloom Easter eggs.

You could also use them in a Easter egg rolling contest, or hide them around the house or garden and use these Easter egg hunt clues to go on an egg hunt.

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  1. Kris says

    I am thinking about using skewers and real hard boiled eggs. Then painting them with humus (or mustard/mayo mix) and decorating with a variety of healthy foods, maybe shredded cheese, coconut shavings, shredded carrots, olives, relish. Do you think it would work? Taste ok for a snack?

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      That’s a great twist on the idea Kris. I think so long as you keep the decorating items small and light they should stick on to the humus OK. ANd yes that combo (maybe not the coconut for me) sounds like a good savoury mix. Hope you’ll let me know who you get on!

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