Mothers day craft: flower pot

mothers day craft

The School Gardening Club have been busy this week working on a Mothers day craft, which is 18th March for those of us in the UK. Giving flowers is always popular and if you decorate a flower pot to present it in, even better. Here’s how the children made their pots.

Mothers day craft: decorate a flower pot

mothers day craft idea
First of all I need to show off my ingenious invention. How are you going to enable the kids to decorate all round their pots without getting completely covered in paint and smudging and spoiling their designs? With this custom-made flower pot holder of course! A wooden skewer poked into an egg box, the skewer through the pot’s drainage hole and it’s held in place but can still rotate so the children can decorate all the way round.
mothers day craft flower pot
The children drew their designs on to the flower pot using a pencil to begin with, and anything goes – flowers, spots, stripes, a word, a mosiac design, whatever the child thinks their mum would love.
mothers day craft for kids
Then they used acrylic paint to add colour – and remember that you can easily combine colours to get extra shades. The School Gardening Club doesn’t have a huge budget so it was great to find some tubes of paint for just £1 each. We bought five tubes, did some colour combining, and were pleased to find that a little paint went a long way. Some of the children used fine paint brushes but many found it easier to apply the paint using cotton buds. A layer of watered-down PVA glue over the top when the paint is all dry helps to preserve the design.
mothers day craft
It’s lovely to see how each child customised their own plant pot. They’re adding a bright spring flower in each to take home as a mothers day gift from the gardening club.
flower craft for kids

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