Incy Wincy books with artist Becky Adams

I have a wonderful project to share with you today which combines literacy and art ideas to create magical Incy Wincy books.Beautiful matchbox books for art and storytelling

How to make an Incy Wincy book

We’ve been at the GobbleDEEbook Children’s Literature Festival in Chester this week, having a fabulous time. One of the workshops we attended was run by Becky Adams, an artist who explores the links between narratives and textiles. She guided a room full of children and parents through the workshop, resulting in everyone producing their very own, unique Incy Wincy book.

literacy and art ideas incy wincy books

Each of the matchboxes above contain a special Incy Wincy book, telling a tale with an extra secret inside.

literacy and art  ideas incy wincy books

We all began with a plain piece of paper 9.5cm x 12.5cm – the perfect size to make a book which fits inside a matchbox.

literacy and art ideas incy wincy books

Becky showed everyone how to use a French fold to turn their piece of paper into an Incy Wincy book. (Follow that link for a great video showing you how to fold your paper.)

literacy and art ideas incy wincy book
Becky asked everyone to think of a tiny main character for their book. We opened up our folded paper and drew our character on the inside page. Here’s B’s dragonfly. Every character was to have a super power. B’s dragonfly can breath fire.
literacy and art ideas incy wincy books

Once the book was re-folded our super-powered heroes were hidden inside the pages and only we knew they were there.

literacy and art ideas incy wincy books

Then everyone began writing their stories. Becky had lots of ideas for adding interesting extras to the narrative, such as stamping some of the text, or using an old-fashioned typewriter.incy wincy books literacy ideas
B decided to add some fabric to her text, to show the colour of the fire.
literacy and art ideas incy wincy books
The whole room was buzzing with creativity. Everyone seemed to know immediately how their story would be told. L has all of a sudden come  alive with writing and drawing and was very clear about how her butterfly was going to whiz off to a secret land and meet a fairy.
literacy and art ideas incy wincy books To complete the books we decorated our matchboxes, some with fabric, some with paper, some with musical scores. Handles were made using split pins, some plain, some decorative and some with added beads. Everyone left with a mini masterpiece in their pocket: a wonderful combination of literacy and art ideas.

Many thanks to Becky for so kindly letting me share her ideas with you all. I hope if you make some with your children you’ll share a photo with us.

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  1. Mama Pea Pod says

    Oh Cathy, these are just beautiful! I love all the extra details! How very creative!

  2. says

    I love everything about this post! Your books are wonderful and you captured them beautifully with your photos. I loved making books with my students and look forward to diving into projects like this as my kids get older.

  3. awkwardannie says

    I can only find details for GobbleDEEbook for 2011, do you know if it’s on this year as well ?
    I thinky kids would love it !

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