Make a ‘Let it Snow’ winter town

This little ‘Let It Snow’ winter town is such a delight to make, and it’s great for winter imaginary play.This little ‘Let It Snow’ winter town is such a delight to make, and it’s great for winter imaginary play.

Let it snow: make a model winter town

Our winter town fits the three favourite rules for any kids’ craft in our house:

:: it’s eco-friendly, up-cycling old material

:: it’s creative, as there is plenty of scope for the children to use their imaginations and make a town their own way

:: it’s got added play-factor, as once you’ve enjoyed crafting you’ve made yourself a miniature world for lots more imaginary play

To make the snowy town you will need:

toilet rolls/paper rolls :: paper cake cases / cupcake liners :: white paint :: glue :: glitter :: cotton wool :: craft knife / scissors :: marker pens

let it snow model town

Start by painting your paper rolls white. The more you use, the bigger your town can be.

let it snow

Then use your marker pens to add doors and windows.

let it snow  2

You can also use your craft knife / scissors to cut out some doors and windows. Add some glue to the top of your paper roll and pop on a cake case / cupcake liner to be a roof.

let it snow 3

Then let it snow! Use glue and glitter to give your model town a glistening layer of frost and snow on roof tops…

let it snow 1

and floors and window ledges.

let it snow  4

You could also use some cotton wool make snowy streets and little snowmen.

let it snow  6

Once you’ve finished creating, and all the glue is dry, you can set out your snowy model town and play! Add in some toy people and cars, make a post box to send lots of Christmas cards, make a play dough Christmas tree to decorate, combine it with a winter wonderland playscape – whatever your children can imagine!

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  1. says

    Ooooh, this is FANTASTIC!!! I knew I would be happy I’ve been saving up our paper rolls. The best part is, ours are already white! My kids are going to love this activity. Thanks for the fun idea!!! :) Love, love, love your blog!!!

    • says

      Thanks Natalie. It can be interesting to watch the two-sister dynamics here. Sometimes they want to play together with the town – sometimes they want to rule all by themselves!

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