Cool kids crafts: design your own t-shirt

I’m thrilled to be joined by Jeanette from today, who’s here sharing a cool kids craft idea using a sticker resist technique. This project combines art and experimenting and lets your child create a masterpiece they can wear!

Here’s how to make sticker resist t-shirts:

Cool kids crafts: design your own t-shirt with this great art technique


How to design your own sticker resist t-shirt

Sometimes I think painted t shirts are the ultimate art project for kids. Not only are they big old blank canvases, ready to take pretty much any art material, they’re rife with the promise of being able to be worn, and shown off to friends and family all. the. time.

The best part about this project? You can find everything at Target (except the paint.) We used acrylic paints, but you can use fabric paint if you prefer. Tempera paint will wash out of the fabric.

The other best part of the project? It’s quick and easy, and holds the attention of even the youngest of art-makers.


  • Puffy stickers (we found that flat stickers are pretty hard to remove once they’re saturated with paint.)
  • White t shirt
  • Makeup sponges (the disposable wedge sponges found in the makeup aisle.)
  • Acrylic paints


Let your kid place the stickers wherever they see fit on the t shirt. This was as fun for Beckett as the painting part; it’s always interesting to see which parts of projects appeal to kids…

A cool kids craft : design a t-shirt with stickers

Mix up a couple of colors of acrylic paint, adding a tiny amount of water if necessary, to make it more spreadable. Beckett’s very favorite color in the world is turquoise, so I added a small amount of yellow to blue- not too much or it will go green!

kids crafts design a t-shirt

Then I gave him the option of a bright orange. (A small amount of the yellow added to red.) Load a makeup sponge up with paint and press it down all over the stickers, covering as much of the t-shirt as you wish.

kids crafts diy clothes

Remove the stickers after the paint has dried, and throw the shirt on. Strike some poses with superheroes.

kids crafts t-shirt printing

More cool art techniques to try

Check out another fun t shirt resist project, made with office stickers and masking tape here. Looking for another quick project for little kids? This classic wax resist painting project never gets old.

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    Very cool! Great project for little ones! I wonder if those foam stickers you can get of dinos and letters from the dollar store would work???

    • says

      This is a guest post form Jeanette at Artchoo, but speaking from experience of messy art play, acrylic paint doesn’t wash out of my girls’ t-shirts! As Jeanette suggests, you might want to use a fabric paint to be completely sure though.

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