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winter bird feeder

For today’s Creative Chistmas activity I’m sharing an idea to make a Christmas Tree for the feathered friends in your garden. Christmas is a time of year when we can really encourage children to think of others and give gifts to those they love. How about spending some time with your kids, giving thanks for the natural world and helping them put together a Christmas feast for the birds?

Here are four easy ideas you can use to make a bird feeder – and if you make them all, you can hang them together on a tree outside to make an Christmas tree that gives your feathered friends a festive feast.

How to make a bird feeeder: popcorn chain

how to make a bird feeder
Stringing up some popcorn chains to wind around your tree will make it look just like you’ve added some bird-friendly tinsel. All you need to do is pop some corn kernels (with no added salt or sugar) and then use a needle to put them on to some thread.
how to make a bird feeder popcorn
You can make your chain as long as you like to fit your tree. Leave some lengths of thread at either end so you can tie it in place. You’re even allowed to eat a few pieces of popcorn as you work!

how to make a bird feeder How to make a bird feeder: cafe bar

To make a cafe bar bird feeder you need to use a small plastic pot. Use a craft knife to make a small hole in the bottom then find two sticks to make perches – twigs, lollipop sticks or kebab skewers all work well. Cross them over and secure with a little sticky tape. Use some string to thread through the hole in your pot, around the sticks and back through the hole again. This holds the sticks in place and gives you a handle at the top of your feeder to tie to the tree.
how to make a bird feederMake your bird feed by mixing one part lard with two parts bird seed. You can also add in raisins, peanuts or grated cheese. You can use a spoon or get stuck in and squish it all together with your hands. Do not melt the lard (or it will run out through the hole in your plastic pot) but have it at room temperature so it’s easy to combine with the seeds.
how to make a bird feeder
Pack the seed mix into your plastic pot and press it down well. Let it chill and harden in the fridge for an hour or so.
how to make a bird feederOnce the seed mix is solid you can pop off the plastic pot and then use the string handle to hang it up – a seed cafe ready for the birds to visit.
how to make a bird feeder

How to make a bird feeder: pine cone

You can use this same bird seed mix to make a fircone feeder too. Just tie some of your string to the top of the fircone and use your fingers to squish the seed mix into all the nooks and crannies.

how to make a bird feeder
How to make a bird feeder: raisin kebab

This one was B’s invention: a kebab stick threaded with juicy raisins, with some string tied at the top to hang it from your tree.
how to make a bird feeder

Decorate your Christmas tree bird feeder

Once you’ve made a variety of bird feeders you can head out into the garden to deck your outside Christmas tree. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a fir tree that you use – the bird feeders transform bare branches really nicely. If you can, pick a tree that you can see clearly from where your children play, then they can watch the birds come and feed and know they’ve shown their feathered friends some Christmas kindness.

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  1. says

    Oooh love all your bird feeders… and love that some of them have a perch. We made some last year and the birds didn’t like ANY of our fare… :-( will have to try again!

  2. says

    Great ideas! Last year we made popcorn chains and hung whole apples but I love the other ideas! This is coming up on our personal calendar, so I can’t wait to give the other ideas a try!

  3. says

    I love all your ideas. We just read a book for our Christmas book advent countdown called Night Tree by Eve Bunting. It was really cute about a tradition of decorating a tree in the forest on Christmas Eve for the birds and animals. I love this idea. I am going to spend some time doing this with my kids tomorrow.

  4. says

    I really like the variety of bird feeder ornaments you made… and especially that they don’t all consist of peanut butter and birdseed! (We have a nut allergy here.) And love the comment from Laura@art4littlehands–Decorating a tree in your yard in conjunction with Eve Bunting’s “Night Tree” is a perfect idea! :o)

  5. says

    Thanks for the additional ideas. I usually make suet bird feeders, they seem to be the most popular among the wild birds of my area.

  6. curtis says

    i help with a girl guide unit and we are always looking for things for the girls to do and this is perfect :)

  7. says

    OMG I LOVE all these ideas! I added a link to this page on my teaching blog under bird actvitiies for kids! I can’t wait to get started with my class when we get back from winter break!

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