Spring crafts :: beautiful daffodil bunting

Here’s one of my all-time favourite spring crafts – daffodil bunting. After the dark winter months when there’s been very little growing in our garden it’s always such a joy to see the bright green stems of daffodils peeping up. This spring craft lets you bring that happiness inside and wrap it right around the wall of your home! Made from recycled materials, it’s a lovely eco-craft too.

spring craft daffodil craft

Spring craft: daffodil bunting

Welcome spring into your home this week with a daffodil craft. We used recycled card and egg boxes to make this daffodil bunting – here’s how to make it.

spring craft daffodil bunting

Start by looking at some real daffodils with your children, counting the petals  and talking about the shapes and patterns.

Draw out some daffodil ‘star’ shapes onto card, either freehand or by using a template.

Paint your daffodils yellow. We used a sponge to apply our paint and enjoyed using a different technique to our usual paint brushes and noticed the patterns we created were just like the real flowers.

Cut out your daffodils once the paint has dried. We used a fairly thin card and the wet paint made the card bend a little as it dried – which turned out to be perfect as it gave the daffodils a more 3D shape.

Cut out the centre part of some egg boxes to make the trumpets for the daffodils and paint them yellow or orange. Paint them inside and out.

spring daffodil craft

Once the trumpets are a dry, glue one into the centre of each daffodil star using craft glue and leave the daffodils flat until the glue dries.

Attach some wool, string or ribbon on to the back of each daffodil using sticky tape and then hang up your daffodil bunting to decorate your home.

spring crafts daffodils

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  1. says

    The children planted daffodils last year in our front flower bed. They loved watching the green buds slowly poke through the ground and grow into beautiful flowers. They should be popping through the ground soon!

  2. says

    We made similar daffodils this week but put them on lollypop sticks. I love the idea of making bunting with them though, will have to make some daffodil Easter bunting. BTW, I’ve only just discovered your website and I think it’s so wonderful. The activities are simple and low cost making them very appealling and accessable. You are an inspiration!

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Thank you Butterfly Babes, that’s a lovely thing to say. As a mum and a childminder I always want ideas that are simple and low cost myself, and I’m really glad they’re useful for others too.

  3. says

    Oh very pretty and so cheerful! Perfect for spring and the lovely weather! They look great on that blue wall too!

    Thanks for linking up to Kids Get Crafty (as ever!!)


  4. says

    those are pretty and add wonderful color to the room! i could use a dose of spring right about now, as it is teetering around 30degrees…

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