Valentine lollipops crispy cake recipe

If lollipops make your heart go giddy-up this Valentine crispy cake recipe is for you! Just three ingredients (with a few added decorations) and about 20 minutes to make, it’s a recipe the kids can do by themselves with a little supervision.

crispy cake recipe
Here’s how we made them and at the end you’ll find a printable recipe card you can download.

Valentine crispy cake recipe

To make around 20 small heart shaped lollipops you will need:

crispy cake recipe

25g butter :: 170g  marshmallows :: 120g rice crispy type cereal :: sprinkles, jelly sweets or red laces for decoration :: lollipop sticks

crispy cake recipe

Put the butter and marshmallows in a large pan. Heat gently and stir until all the marshmallows have melted.
crispy cake recipe
Add the rice crispy cereal and stir gently until all the cereal is coated with the marshmallow mixture. Add in any sprinkles for extra decoration.
crispy cake recipe
There two ways you can make your heart shapes.

:: line cookie cutters with cling wrap and then fill well with the rice crispy mixture. Leave to cool and then pop out the shapes. You’ll need lots of cookie cutters if you do it this way.

:: line a baking tin (ours was about 25cm square) with baking paper and then fill with the rice crispy mixture. Flatten down the surface with the back of a spoon.

You need the hearts to be fairly thick (2cm+) so there is room to push in the lollipop stick later. You might like to add some extra sprinkles on the surface of the hearts while the marshmallow is still sticky.
crispy cake recipe
Once the rice crispy mix has cooled, cut out your heart shapes with a cookie cutter. Flip the cutter over as you cut along to fit more hearts in. Doing it this way does mean you have some of the crispy cake left over – but I’m sure you’ll find someone who’s willing to eat the offcuts!
crispy cake recipe
Carefully push a lollipop stick into each heart to make your lollipops.
crispy cake recipe
For extra fun you can add jelly sweets on to the lollipops. Just brush a tiny bit of water over the surface of the lollipop as a little ‘glue’ and press on the sweets. You can even use Red Laces sweets to write words or make kisses.
crispy cake recipe
If you’re giving the lollipops as gifts you might like to wrap them with a piece of cellophane and fasten with a red or pink rubber band or a piece of ribbon.

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If you’d like a copy of the recipe to take in to the kitchen print our crispy cake recipe here.

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