Spring crafts :: beautiful daffodil bunting

Here’s one of my all-time favourite spring crafts – daffodil bunting. After the dark winter months when there’s been very little growing in our garden it’s always such a joy to see the bright green stems of daffodils peeping up. This spring craft lets you bring that happiness inside and wrap it right around the wall of your home! Made from recycled materials, it’s a lovely eco-craft too.

spring craft daffodil craft

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St David’s Day Activities :: Welsh cakes recipe

Are you planning some St. David’s Day activities with your kids? St David’s Day, the saints day for Wales, is marked on 1st March, and even if you have no Welsh connections this Welsh cakes recipe is so delicious you can use the day as a great excuse to give them a try. You could also try some St David’s day crafts – my bunting and pinwheel ideas feature daffodils, the flower emblem of Wales. welsh cake recipe

St David’s day activities [Read more…]

St. David’s day craft

daffodil craft

Spring is in the air! Well almost, but you can cheat a bit and fill your house with gorgeous flowers with this idea for a daffodil windmill. It’s very easy to make and the children can have lots of fun blowing it and making it spin round. You can find full instructions for how to make one in our daffodil windmill tutorial.

They’re just the thing if you’re celebrating St. David’s Day, the patron saint of Wales, on March 1st. And if you are you might like this recipe for delicious Welsh cakes.

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