Pom Pom Craft for Kids :: Three Blind Mice

Please give a warm welcome to Michelle from Molly Moo who is sharing a super cute pom pom craft for kids with us today – making three blind mice, which are just lovely for song bags and storytelling.

pom pom craft for kids

Pom pom craft for kids :: three blind mice Read more »

Toddler Halloween craft: Incy Wincy Spider

Here’s a simple Incy Wincy spider craft, great for Halloween or nursery rhyme fun. Read more »

Three cheeky monkeys

three cheeky moneys song lyrics
Make some props and bring your favourite songs to life, like our Three Cheeky Monkeys and Mr. Crocodile puppets.

Using puppets adds fun to your singing, can help focus the attention of a group of children and provides some toys for the children to use afterwards to act out the song. Read more »

Carnival of Music and Song

dancing with children

Can’t sing? Tone deaf? Two left feet? Children just don’t care! Whether it’s clapping along to nursery rhymes, banging out a rhythm with a wooden spoon on a saucepan or disco dancing in the kitchen on a dull and dreary day, music and song is a fun and learning activity all children can enjoy.

Come and celebrate all things musical with us and add your post to the Carnival of Music and Song play. How do you enjoy music with your children? Whether you have a new post or one from your archive please share an idea with us as we build up a resource of ideas we can use whenever we need some inspiration.

I’ve shared a vlog about multi-sensory play, showing how L loves to combine song, maths and art all in one, and a post about songbags and how they can be a springboard for lots of singing and language development. I’m looking forward to seeing (and maybe hearing!) your ideas too.

Ten in the bed game

You can make maths much more fun if you mix in some songs and imaginary play. Today we’ve been counting backwards and singing ‘Ten in the Bed’.

First we took a cardboard box and used some fabric scraps to make a bedsheet, pillows and blanket.

Then we made 10 little people and numbered them 1 to 10. With a bit of a squash and a squeeze they all fitted in.

Then it was time for some singing – and lots of giggling as Little rolled her people out of bed. We’ve done an alternative version of this using our sofa as a bed and Big’s favourite teddies to make up the numbers. It’s very funny when you’re 3 to make your teds whizz out of bed!

A great book choice to go with this is Ten in the Bedby Penny Dale, which has beautiful illustrations.

And just in case you don’t know the song, there’s a cute pre-school class over on You Tube waiting to sing it to you.

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