Autum leaf crafts

I love autumn. I love the feeling of change and the crispness of the air but even better than that is the opportunity for lots of beautiful autumn crafts. Take a walk along a leafy lane with a pre-schooler and you simply can’t help having fun and learning something new. Talk about why the leaves are falling, what colours you can see, the different shapes of the leaves. Do you know the names of the trees? Can you catch a leaf as it falls? Collect some favourite shapes and colours and bring them home to make a leaf picture.

I’d thought we might do some leaf rubbings using wax crayons but L wanted to glue. Here’s the picture she made – with some letters sneaked in too.


Happily shared with Kids Get Crafty at Red Ted Art


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    I’ve had leaf rubbings on my to-do list for awhile too. My son loves scavenger hunts during this time of year. Love the variety in the leaves you used. :)

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    I have to say, I am “rubbish” at knowing tree names… having children means I will probably learn again very soon 😉

    Love the sticking and love the sneak “L”… brilliant!

    PS if anyone finds their littles are indeed to little for crayon rubbing, try “leave printing”, my son likes that!

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    I have a takeaway container of leaves we collected awhile ago still waiting to be used for some crafty fun.Like our sehll collection, Princess just isn’t interested in working with natural materials, but woul rather collect lolly wrappers and use them! :(

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