Wax crayon pictures

wax crayon rub offs

Halloween art using wax crayons

I often find that the things I remember from my childhood turn out to be the activities my girls love the most. There’s no need to feel we have to constantly been innovative or really push the boat out with elaborate crafts when it’s the simple things that make L say ‘Wow! It really works!’. These wax crayons couldn’t be simpler but they have a little magic which B & L loved.

We used a paper plate, which had a waxy finish which worked better for us than plain paper, and scribbled on lots of wax crayon. We went with orange and green as we were making Halloween pictures but a rainbow would be really good too. Then we coloured right over the top with a black wax crayon. L thought this was rather daring! We used a wooden skewer (with the pointy end snapped off) as our pens and drew our pictures. Of course, as you scratch off the black the picture underneath is revealed. Cool! That’s the witch versoin of me by the way, with the green hair and extravagant eyebrows – thanks B.

Have a try – see what you can create.

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