Walk to School Week ideas

walk to school week

Walk to School Week

Did you know next week is Walk to School Week? We walk to school everyday, come rain or shine, and are very lucky to have a tree-lined cycle path that runs almost the whole route from our house to school, giving the children a car-free space to run, skip and scoot. This daily walk brings such an important breathing-space to our morning, a welcome transition after the hustle and bustle of packing lunch bags and locating coats. We’ve also been joining in with Living Streets #mumswalk project this month and creating a Pinterest gallery of our walks to school.  I know not everyone is able to walk the school run, but if you’re tempted to give it a try for Walk to School Week, here are some ideas you could use to make the A to B journey that little bit more interesting.

On Monday…

join the #mumswalk project and take some photos of your journey. Create your own Pinboard (here’s mine), tag your photos with #mumswalk and have them included in the national gallery – and maybe even in the photography exhibition taking place in June. It’s amazing what every day beauty you notice when you take a little extra time to look. What treasures can the kids spot on the way to school today?


On Tuesday…

hunt for some colour. You could all decide to look for the same colour or pick one each and see how many things each person can find.

On Wednesday…

focus on texture. Take a sensory walk to school and see how many bumpy, spiky and smooth surfaces you can touch on the way.

On Thursday…

go shape spotting. Squares, diamonds and circles can be found in unlikely places if you have your eyes peeled to find them.
walk to school ideas

On Friday…

find out if all the leaves on your journey are green. What other colours can you find? How many different shaped leaves can your collect. Bring them home and create some art – and add your photo to your #mumswalk gallery.

walk to school week

More creative ways to use nature to inspire learning

Fill your year with hands-on, creative learning inspired by nature. Click through to see our Garden Classroom resource and get your free Garden Journal.

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  1. says

    Love the first picture…. looks like a dream world to us over here! ha!
    You guys are blessed to have a lush green, car-free walking path to school! We can’t imagine walking on the roads without being bombarded by the maddening city traffic and pollution… :-(

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Rashmie, we really are blessed and so grateful to have it. Really makes me think twice about ever moving house!

  2. says

    Awesome ideas! My boys aren’t in school yet and when they go it will be way too far to walk, but I love these “themed” walks. We walk in our subdivision often while we wait for daddy to get home from work!
    Ps. I have to say, I’m a little jealous of your awesome path to school!!

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