Valentine’s mobile for babies

valentines mobile
Include your baby in the Valentine’s Day celebrations with this easy to make Valentine’s mobile. (Even better if you have an older brother or sister around who can help with the cutting and sticking).

Babies love looking at faces, especially ones they recognise as being special to them. Mobiles are a great way to help your baby develop their focus and track objects, and they can help keep them entertained when you’re changing their nappy or when they’re having some tummy time.

Here’s how to make it:

Look at these step by step drawings for more details

1. Cut out some hearts from red card – around eight is a good number to fit the mobile.

2.Print some photos of the people your baby loves: parents, siblings, grandparents and even pets. Cut out the faces and stick one in the centre of each heart. You might like to put a face on each side so there’s someone to look at whichever way the mobile turns.

3. To make  the mobile, cut out a hoop from a piece of thick card, about the size of a large dinner plate and with a width of about 5cm.

4. Make four holes at even spaces around the hoop and thread through some string, wool or ribbon. Tie the four threads together and use this to hang your mobile.

5. Add threads to each of your hearts and fasten them to the hoop. An easy way to do this is with a sewing needle and some cotton.  Thread the cotton through the needle and knot one end. Push the needle through the heart, then push it through the hoop. Leave a long thread so the heart dangles down and tie a knot at the other end to hold it in place. Place your hearts at even spaces around the hoop to help your mobile balance and hang well.

6. To make a simpler version you can hang the hearts from a ‘washing line’. Fasten a length of ribbon or thread between two nails and tie or peg the hearts along the line.

7. Hang your mobile or washing line where your baby can see it and the faces on the hearts are visible, but just out of their reach so there is no chance of them getting tangled up. You might find it better placed slightly to the side over their nappy changing table, as babies most often lie with their head turned a little.

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    Very cute not to forget the wee ones amongst us – and love the photo idea – would also be great way to “introduce” family members that they may not see so often! Lovely!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Maggy xx

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