Rainbow themed literacy activities

Here’s a whole range of rainbow themed literacy activities, including free printables.

rainbow themed literacy activities

Rainbow themed literacy activities

For our first set of games, we’re using the same set of DIY coloured paper rolls that we used for our rainbow maths activities, but with the number cards swapped for a set that spell out the word r-a-i-n-b-o-w.

rainbow themed literacy activities

And as with the maths activities, you can use the letter materials in different ways, to suit the age and stage your child is at.

For very young children you might hide the paper rolls around the room and see if they can go on a treasure hunt and find them all. Can they recognise each letter, and spell out the word rainbow again?

rainbow word games

You can also use the rolls to play spelling games. Using the seven letters of the word rainbow, how many new words can you make? Younger children might be able to find simple consonant-vowel-consonant words like win, ran, and bow. Or you might be able to make four, five, or six letter words like worn, brown, and brain.

rainbow themed word gamesUsing circles of gold card to make coins, you can write on some letters and words using a permanent marker.

For very young children you might make indiviual letters r-a-i-n-b-o-w, and see if they can match each letter to the corresponding paper roll.

gold coin literacy game

You might write sight words on the coins, all which start with the letters r-a-i-n-b-o-w and see if you can read the words and match them up.

rainbow sight word gameOr make a set of coins that match the spellings, phonics or vocabulary words you are working on, to suit your individual children.
rainbow writing salt tray

Rainbow salt tray writing

One of our favourite ways to add in a hands-on sensory element to our writing and spelling practise is to use a salt tray. The children can use their finger, a stick or a paint brush to write in the salt and they get the brain-boosting effect of being able to really feel the letters as they make their marks.

rainbow salt tray

To go with our theme, it’s very easy to add a rainbow to your salt tray. I use a baking sheet that has edges on all four sides, which is a nice size to be able to write whole words in, and the edges help prevent spills. I made a rainbow stripe of card and laid it down underneath a cloud of white salt. As the children write their words, the rainbow appears!

rainbow salt tray spellings

Again, this is an adaptable resource. Children at a pre-writing stage might like to make their own style of marks, or try loops, circles and other shapes. You can use it for practising individual letters or the alphabet, writing numbers, or drawing funny faces. All the activities help with fine motor skills, and pencil grip.

If your children is learning sight words or spellings, using a salt tray, rather than just a pencil and paper, is a fun, sensory way to help them practise.

Multi-sensory learning: using rainbow writing to learn spellingsRainbow words for spellings

Take a look at these ideas for using rainbow words to learn spellings.

A complete resource of Rainbow Fun

Our Rainbow Fun resources gives you everything you need to plan a program of art projects, science experiments, recipes, games and songs, all with a rainbow theme. Come and take a look!

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  1. Pauline says

    Hi Cathy,

    Just discovered your posts. Looking forward to viewing more at a later date.
    I am so loving your Rainbow Coloured Salt Tray – Sensory. You see I use Coarse Cornmeal (Polenta), but can see how instantly attractive your idea is. Looking forward to trying it out. I also do numbers / shapes etc., on Sandpaper for chidren to finger trace and feel.
    Thanks for sharing

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