Rainbow finger painting for St. Patrick’s Day

Here’s a idea for a St. Patrick’s Day craft that combines colour mixing, sensory play and art: we’re finger painting rainbows!

st patrick's day crafts

Finger painting rainbows

We use a shallow plate when we’re finger painting, so we can set out a variety of colours for the children to try. Giving everyone their own palette lets them paint away without any squabbles.

Today we added in a colour mixing experiment, combining red and yellow to make orange, blue and red to make purple and yellow and blue to make green. Magic!

st patricks rainbow craft

We tried out two different ways to make our rainbows. The first technique we tried was to put a blob of paint onto each finger to make a rainbow with one swipe of the hand.

st patricks rainbow craft

With the fingers held close together you can then make a rainbow arc on your paper. Great swooshy fun!

st patricks rainbow craft

As an alternative, especially if your have younger children, you can also use one finger at a time, building up your rainbow stripe by stripe.

st patricks rainbow craft

The children could make as many rainbows as they like on a big sheet of paper that you could use as a table cloth, or cut up to make bunting. Or cut out your rainbows, stick them on to a piece of card and add a black pot and some gold finger-painted coins and you have a great card to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

st patricks rainbow craft

Put a rainbow in your tummy!

For a fun and healthy St. Patrick’s day snack, how about putting a rainbow in your tummy!

st patricks rainbow craft

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