How to make owl bunting

It’s turning into owl week here at NurtureStore! So far we’ve had owl masks and a no-sew owl costume, today we have owl bunting.

Gorgeous owl bunting - great kids' art project.

How to make owl bunting

We can’t get enough of bunting in our house! Bedrooms, kitchen, playroom, garden… all have their own variety. Today we’re making owl bunting.

owl craftWe thought we’d try some stamping, and it turns out sweet potatoes make great owl shapes. You can either stick a fork in a slice, or use a knife to cut out a handle – both make it much easier for children to hold the potatoes to print with. Then I set out some plates of paint and the children started creating.

potato printing owls

We used a set of plain bunting I found in a kit at HobbyCraft, but of course you could cut out a set of triangles from any paper or card.  We use the sweet potatoes for the owls’ body and carrots for big eyes.

owl printing

And we used fingers and paint brushes to add beaks, feet and the centre of the eyes.

owl craft

I love the mixture of colours the children used – the more of a contrast the better – and the thick squelch of the paint adds great texture. You can try and keep the differently coloured paints separate as the children print (good luck!) but I think the mixtures look even better.

owl bunting

Add a pair of feathers – with glue, staples or double-sided sticky tape – and you’ve made a gorgeous owl. Twit twoo!

owl bunting


And the great things about bunting is, you can make more and more and more lovely owls and stretch your bunting right round your room! And each owl can be completely different, just like the artist that made it.

owl crafts owl buntingMore owl crafts

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  1. Lucy Gallienne says

    This looks lovely – I have a question though… how do you make your bunting template? I thought about using card, although your’s looks more rigid and therefore longer lasting?


    • says

      Hi Lucy, did you see in the post I mentioned it was a bunting kit from HobbyCraft? It is just card though – perhaps a bit thicker than some craft card?

      • Lucy says

        Thanks Cathy!
        We had a little go at this on normal card/paper, but as this was our first venture into vegetable printing my 2 yr old had more fun getting to grips with the technique, exploring texture and generally making a mess! She was pleased with the outcome though so all good! Thanks for the inspiration to try something new – even if we didn’t quite have an end result!!

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