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Edited: This Thanksgiving weekend offer is now closed. Thanks so much for your interest.

The individual books are still for sale – please click through on the links below to make your purchases directly from the authors’ blogs. My book The Garden Classroom is available here

Brought to you by Melitsa of Raising Playful Tots and me, along with some of our favourite bloggers and authors, the Learning Through Play special offer is now open – but for this Thanksgiving weekend only.

We have put together a package worth over $100but available to you at a very special price – of e-books and resources, all based around Learning Through Play.  This Thanksgiving weekend special offer includes books on sensory play, outdoor play, art and crafts, positive parenting, learning to read and write and lots more. You’ll recognise the authors as the writers of some of your favourite blogs – check out the full details below to see who’s joining in.

Learning Through Play Thanksgiving weekend special offer

This special bundle of books is available for you to buy only over this Thanksgiving weekend. So buy it now or you’ll miss the deal!

I’ve read the books (and written one of them!) and I’m so happy to recommend this offer to you. These ladies really know their stuff and the books and resources are packed full of fantastic creative and practical ideas that you can use with your children. There are thirteen different authors joining in, bringing you over $100 worth of resources. And, guess what – you can buy the lot for just $9.99!

Read on to see all the items included in the Thanksgiving weekend special offer – and start looking forward to getting your copies!

Thanksgiving weekend special offer

The Learning Through Play bundle includes all these e-books and resources:

The Garden Classroom, by Cathy James of Nurturestore

The Garden Classroom brings you fifty-two creative and playful outdoor activities, giving you a whole year’s worth of garden-based projects to enjoy with your children. Value $9.99

Exploring More Great Artists Volume 2 Lesson Plans, by MaryLea Harris of Pink and Green Mama

Exploring More Great Artists Volume 2 is a 79-page e-book PDF featuring 13 complete art lessons exploring the life and work of 10 great artists with full color photo directions, step-by-step instructions, and supply lists. Value $10

Alphabet Crafts, by Allison McDonald of No Time for Flashcards

Alphabet crafts is a complete resources of letter crafts from A-Z. Value $8

Alphabet Glue, by Annie Riechmann of Bird and Little Bird

These three editions of Alphabet Glue are literary-themed e-magazines for families, filled with projects, printables, activities and booklists. (editions 7, 8 and 9)Value $12

Play Grow Learn Issue 1, by Christie Burnett of Childhood 101

Bursting with ideas for playing inside and outside, with activities for moving, talking, cooking, creating, thinking, singing, imagining and constructing, Issue 1 of Play Grow Learn includes 62 pages of inspiration for parents and educators of children from birth to 5 years. Value $4

Raising a Creative Kid: Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing that Creative Spark, by Jillian Riley of A Mom with a Lesson Plan

Just what you need to transform your environment into a creativity growth center, Raising a Creative Kid includes creative exercises following each of the sections that makes moving into a creative lifestyle as easy as possible. Value $7.99

Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out, by Amanda Morgan of Not Just Cute

Parenting with Positive Guidance gives you the tools for understanding your child’s behavior and effectively teaching and guiding your child toward increased self-control while fostering a healthy parent-child relationship. Value $9

Read and Write at Home, by Erin Wing of Small Types

Read and Write at Home is a collection of resources and printables to help parents establish fun literacy routines at home. Value $4.25

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities, by Melitsa Avila of Raising Playful Tots

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities is your go to solution for wriggly jiggly children who want to craft and play with alphabet activities that focus on the process along with audio from educators about alphabet learning to set things going in the right direction. Value $9

It’s Turkey Time Literacy and Math Printables for Prek-K, by Christine Lanyon of Scribble Doodle Draw

It’s Turkey Time Literacy and Math Printables for Prek-K brings you fun literacy and math activities teachers and parents can use to encourage learning during the Thanksgiving holiday. Value $6

The Playful Family, by Shawn Ledington Fink of Awesomely Awake

The Playful Family brings you nearly 100 ways to play and engage as a family even during the busiest times. Value $4.99

Mudworks Bilingual, by MaryAnn Kohl

Mudworks Bilingual is a best-selling Spanish / English bilingual work from the award winning author MaryAnn Kohl, with fifty of the best squishy kid-tested art activities and recipes. Value $14.95

Arty’s Art Projects, by Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching

In Arty’s Art Projects, Arty the gnome shares twenty five of his art projects. Value $7.99

Buy now – it’s for this Thanksgiving weekend only!

Over $100 of books for just $9.99. Don’t miss it! Buy it now.

You’ll get an instant download of the books and audio files so you can start enjoying them straight away.  The book will be sent to the e-mail address associated with your paypal account.  The delivery system gives you 5 attempts at download within 120 hours, so you can buy now and do the download a little later if you prefer. You’ve only got from Wednesday 21st November 2012 until midnight on Monday 26th November 2012 to buy this special offer. Please Note: The bundle may take 5+ minutes to download as there are lots of goodies in it, and so it’s not suitable for downloading via iphone. You can still buy it via iphone, then just download it elsewhere.

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Thanksgiving weekend special offer


  1. ana hoover says

    I just purchased this and it only downloads halfway. Please advise… It is only 10 dollars, but I’d rather not throw it away!

    • says

      Hi ana. Sorry you had a problem downloading it. This is a big bundle (13+ items with some audio too) and might take around 5-6 minutes to download. What are you using to download? As mentioned in the article it’s not suitable for download via iphone. If you need another link to complete the download could you please reply to the e-mail that contained your original link and Melitsa will be happy to send you a new link.

  2. Emily says

    Hi there! I purchased this book set on Sunday and just wondered if I should have received some kind of download link? I checked my spam folder and nothing came through there, either. The email address for this comment is the address I used to make the purchase. Thanks!

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