Egg Box Dragon

With Earth Day and St. George’s Day both falling in this week, why not combine the two to make a Recycled Egg Box Dragon? Big says he’s ‘fantastically ferocious’!

You will need: 3 egg boxes, green paint & a paint brush, red paper, 2 treasury tags, glue / sticky tape, red and black felt pens, scissors

Start by cutting out 2 of the ‘cups’ from one of the egg boxes and painting them green. These will be your eyes.

The other two egg boxes will be your head and body. Ours were already green, but if yours aren’t you can paint them. We added some extra painted ‘scales’. Leave the paint to dry.

Fasten the head and body together with treasury tags. This means you can move your dragon to play with him and he’ll have a bit of movement in his body.

Cut out some flames, spines and a tail from the red paper and fasten on with glue or sticky tape.

Add some scary eyes and some nostrils.

Rooaarrrrrr! Your dragon is ready to play.

And how about some dragon books to go with your new pet?

Chinese dragon craft

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